TeeGschwendner / TeaGschwendner

Pronunciation: tee·guh·shwend·nr. The business world can be confusing. I encountered somewhat of a puzzle when I stepped into the business side of TeaGschwendner. The first TeeGschwendner opened in Germany and has expanded across the globe. They decided that franchising in the USA was too difficult for legal reasons. Ms. Agnieszka of Tea & Beyond LLC,Continue reading “TeeGschwendner / TeaGschwendner”

Camellia Tea Bar

In the hustle and bustle of this busy world it is important to remember to slow down and appreciate the things around you. The simplicity and beauty of the Camellia Tea Bar webpage is an example of this. As you browse around you find yourself slowing down to enjoy what you are looking at. ThisContinue reading “Camellia Tea Bar”

TeaLife HK

What does tea mean to you? This question is so simple and yet it can evoke so many different feelings. The answers I receive from others, like the one below, gives one warm fuzzies. The desire to learn more and see how other people experience tea is so fascinating! Equally tempting is the tea andContinue reading “TeaLife HK”

Indigo Tea Co.

Back before I knew the difference between a black tea and an oolong tea I discovered bubble teas and tea lattes. The world of bubble tea is huge and it is a gateway into the world of tea. Indigo is a company local to me and dear to many in our community. Website: https://www.indigo-tea.com/ Location: Burnsville,Continue reading “Indigo Tea Co.”