Casting Whimsy Tea

What happens when a wizard, satyr, human, and a gnome sit down for a cup of tea? Depends on how they roll their charisma I’d say. Or maybe their perception depending on the place they are drinking the tea. If you love a bit of role play with your cuppa you’ve come to the rightContinue reading “Casting Whimsy Tea”


Metal music is a genre that is vastly underappreciated. While many are turned off from the “screaming”, they are missing out on some seriously amazing beats. But then we take some amazing music and mix it with tea? Heck yes!! Also, if you are a dad or like puns or both you’ll love the teaContinue reading “BrutaliTeas”

Renegade Tea Estate

Located between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, is our first tea company from the country of Georgia! With the help of amazing companies we will see some amazing teas come from this country. Thank you, Renegade Tea Estate, for being a company that stands for the people and heading such an amazing project.Continue reading “Renegade Tea Estate”