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Introspection. Reflection. Mindfulness. Stillness. Connection is an important piece of the puzzle in the world of tea. TeaTiff discovered this company via Being Tea. Francina and I are both students of tea through Sooz and as soon as I heard Francina talk about tea and her company I knew I wanted to learn more. Francina is building her company not only around calm but also around understanding the importance of learning to be still through tea. We had a wonderful discussion over Zoom and I’ve done my best to transpose her answers below.


Location Headquarters: Los Angles, California

Company Focus:

  • Tea that makes you feel and be still. Tea is a tool for stillness and introspection. It helps others develop stillness, awaken their senses and connect to awareness through tea.

Most popular company tea(s)?

  • Paradise.  – Like none other. Joy Berry – New Hibiscus blend infused to deliver joy! Dream Blend – Connection can happen at any time, a blend to reduce anxiety to bring stillness. Calmathy – Bringing stillness through helping calm one’s mind. Seasonal Lebkuchen Christmas Tea –  Christmas tradition in a cup. A honey-sweetened German cake molded cookie or bar cookie. Jasmari – Named after a friend who helped start the company.

Does the company name have a meaning?

  • Eight years ago after struggling with life in a very dark time I went through intense therapy. The therapist helped me really dig into my feelings. He said, “Go home and feel”. The only thing that helped to make me feel still is tea. In stillness was the release. I have a tattoo on my arm of a lotus with reminds me that like a lotus growing out of the mud that good things can come from mucky places. With the opportunity to be still in my life and realize how important it was to be disconnected and fully immerse in tea. To be still.

Do you participate in any charities? 

  • 10% goes to the Adoption fund to support birth mothers. Amplify the mothers who choose to place babies for adoption and loving them as they walk the road. Healing and peace to birth moms

What is your favorite tea?  

  • All of my teas are good. Similar to not being able to pick a favorite child, I can’t choose a favorite tea. My favorite isn’t your favorite. I don’t want to minimize what you like.

What are your thoughts on transparency in the tea industry?

  • Incredibly important. A lot of teas carry a tremendous amount of legacy of hurt, trauma, and pain. People don’t realize where their tea comes from. Such as English Breakfast and the legacy the name holds. Tea doesn’t come from England, it’s not grown there. I will be looking to source better. For my English Breakfast, I plan to source from Kenya. With a focus on growth practices and living wages.

What role does tea play in our lives?

  • Tea plays the role of being a soft, beautiful, cozy, comfortable place to land and show up to be yourself without judgment. A portal to connect with oneself and to that place of stillness. For me personally, it is connecting with how God perceives me and not the world.

Social Media:

True jasmine tea is not only physically demanding to make but time-consuming.

TeaTiff Picks: Jasmari. Jasmine scented green tea is known around the world. It comes in balls, tea bags, loose leaf, and can even be black! So what would make me choose something that I could find other places? As well-known as this tea is it is also one of the least understood. True, pure jasmine tea is a time-consuming, physically demanding process. Jasmari is a pure Jasmine scented green.

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