A gateway tea company. For those in the USA things like soda and sugary drinks unfortunately come to mind first most of the time. In order to break the habit and this cycle we need to introduce drinks that are sweet but good for you. Though I personally do not like sugar in my teaContinue reading “DavidsTEA”


Tealyra has an incredible collection of teas and tisanes but I have yet to hear back from them. The answers to the interview questions below were not filled out by a tealyra employee but instead with answers I researched on their website. Company Name: Tealyra Website: https://www.tealyra.com/ Location Headquarters: Montreal, Canada Company Focus: Most popular company tea(s)? Does theContinue reading “tealyra”

Chicago Teahouse

Chicago Teahouse was originally born through the partnership between Ms. Agnieszka & TeeGschwendner, who decided that franchising in the USA was too difficult for legal reasons. Ms. Agnieszka of Tea & Beyond LLC, was a licensed partner of TeeGschwendner GMbH and originally carried only their tea but now they are sourcing teas from few differentContinue reading “Chicago Teahouse”

Be Still Tea

Introspection. Reflection. Mindfulness. Stillness. Connection is an important piece of the puzzle in the world of tea. TeaTiff discovered this company via Being Tea. Francina and I are both students of tea through Sooz and as soon as I heard Francina talk about tea and her company I knew I wanted to learn more. FrancinaContinue reading “Be Still Tea”

Cup of Communitea

When the pandemic hit in 2020 it left many businesses wondering and worrying. After only a few weeks of being open Cup of Communitea had to close their business doors. Through the year many learned that online orders would be become their main source of income and Ms. Duquette took it a step further, doing FBContinue reading “Cup of Communitea”