Plum Blossom Tea Company

Tea can be found in the most unexpected places. And sometimes it is hidden exactly where it belongs. Within the Heart of Zen office is the Plum Blossom Tea Company boutique. These teas have been specially curated to not only suit the needs of the owner who performs tea ceremonies but also work alongside withContinue reading “Plum Blossom Tea Company”

hillside tea

Generally, when I see a company that plays with coffee also offers tea I don’t expect much from their tea. Hillside is an exception. They currently have five extraordinary teas in their catalog all of which I am very enthusiastic to try. Also, for those of you who prefer companies that buy sustainability, you willContinue reading “hillside tea”

Elden Street Tea Shop

Just west of Dulles International Airport (IAD) in Virginia is the town of Herndon. Located right in the ‘downtown’ is a quaint little tea shop that offers a variety of teas and tisanes to suit every palate. They also offer tea parties that cater to adults and children in-person or a to-go tea party! Website: reading “Elden Street Tea Shop”


If you are looking for quality Chinese teas you’ve found the right company. Their website is simple yet elegant. They offer your common teas like Silver Needle, Dragon Well, and Keemun but also unique aged white tea cakes and an impressive mouth-watering sampler of Wuyi oolongs. Grab yourself a cup of tea and become teaContinue reading “Teasenz”