Harney & Sons

Since 1983 Harney & Sons has provided tea to generations of tea drinkers. It is a gateway into the deep world of tea and yet keeps a firm placement in your cupboard with its quality. I, honestly, would be deeply surprised if this post is your introduction to this wonderful company. Thank you, Emeric Harney, for your insights!

Website: https://www.harney.com/

Company Headquarters: Millerton, NY, USA

Most popular company tea(s)?

Does the company name have a meaning?

  • The company name speaks to our tradition of heritage, one that has been passed down from John Harney to his sons Mike & Paul, and now onto his grandsons Emeric & Alex. We are master tea blenders, focusing on quality teas and blends to make our customers smile. 

Do you participate in any charities?

  • We participate in quite a few, but the most notable and highly contributed one is 1% For the Planet
  • You can check out the many other organizations they help here.

What is your and/or your co-workers’ favorite tea? 

  • My favorite tea is Scent of Mountains Sencha. It’s got a wonderfully sweet aroma and a pleasant, vegetal cup. 

What are your thoughts on transparency in the tea industry?

  • I hope that we continue to offer more transparency in the tea industry, from where our teas come from to how purchasing tea continues to improve lives around the world. I hope that transparency will continue to push for better working conditions for tea workers everywhere. 

What role does tea play in our lives?

  • To everyone, tea can play a multitude of roles. It can relax us, it can invigorate us. It can be our escape from reality or bring fond memories of realities past. It can be a part of a new healthful regime or that guilty pleasure with cream, sugar, and maybe a nibble of a cookie. 

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TeaTiff Picks: Black Currant. Once upon a time, back in college I went to New Zealand and fell in love with Black Currant teas. Upon my return I did my best to find one that was suitable to what I tasted there and this was the one I settled on. If you have yet to try a black currant tea do yourself a favor and start with a good one.

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