Old Barrel Tea Company

What could possibly be more exciting than these amazing-looking spices? Their tea creations of course. They have a focus on transparent flavoring for their tantalizing blends for both teas and tisanes. Unique ingredients like bee pollen, Schisandra berries, and sweet corn kernels make OBTC a new experience for your palate!

Website: https://oldbarreltea.com/

Location Headquarters:

  • Our company started in Ruidoso, New Mexico, and we now have several locations across New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona!

Company Focus:

  • We’re a female-run, family business. We drink tea and tisanes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all the time in between. We don’t put our pinkies up while drinking tea. We use honey in our tea but we also use honey as medicine & for skincare.  We love to cook & we love to eat.  We’re flavor obsessed & wellness-oriented.  We are united by the hedonistic belief that wellness should be a pleasure. Happy tea time friends! 

Most popular company tea(s)?

Does the company name have a meaning?

  • Bailey, one of our owners, is married to a winemaker. When we first opened our first store, it was in a small, shared space, and to save money on displays, we used some of the old barrels from Noisy Water Winery. In addition, when tea was imported into the United States in the 1700s, it was done in wooden barrels. 

Do you participate in any charities? If so, which one (s)?

  • We participate in many chariTEAs. We have tumblers that some of the proceeds support the American Cancer Society and Mexican Orphanages, and we have new tumblers coming soon to support other chariTEAs close to our hearts. We also had a shirt that supported Black Girls Code – it is currently sold out. In addition, each of our stores has partnered with a local chariTEA of their choosing.

What is your favorite tea?

What are your thoughts on transparency in the tea industry?

  • Transparency in any industry is important and becoming increasingly more powerful for brands, as consumers become better educated. People have so many options now with the internet, so being able to communicate values that speak to potential customers is a big benefit – but this communication has to be honest. There are some secrets we’ll always keep though—like our recipes!  

What role does tea play in our lives?

  • We drink tea all day, every day and it’s an integral part of our wellness routine – but it is also something that feels like a treat. Tea is so special because it is something we crave that is actually good for us! And the better it makes us feel, the more we crave it. 

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Mouth-Watering blends great for drinkers and non-drinkers alike

TeaTiff Picks: The Cocktail Box. Tea sampler sets excite me. A chance to try different teas and tisanes is always thrilling. This one I chose because I like to dabble in mixing tea and drinks. If you prefer to do it without the alcohol I’ve found that the zero-proof brands are just as good and quite fun to experiment with. This set from OBTC will prove to be a fun time and could even be used for a tea party!

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