If you are looking for quality Chinese teas you’ve found the right company. Their website is simple yet elegant. They offer your common teas like Silver Needle, Dragon Well, and Keemun but also unique aged white tea cakes and an impressive mouth-watering sampler of Wuyi oolongs. Grab yourself a cup of tea and become tea friends (Cha You – 茶友) with Teasenz.

Website: https://www.teasenz.com/

Location Headquarters: Warehouse in Shenzhen, China. Registered in Hong Kong.

Company Focus: 

  • Our company is solely focused on authentic Chinese tea. We source our teas origin-direct from farmers in well-known Chinese tea regions.

Most popular company tea(s)? 

  • West Lake Dragon Well, Huang Shan Mao Feng, Bi Luo Chun, Jin Jun Mei, Da Hong Pao, Silver Needle, Lapsang Souchong, and Chrysanthemum tea.

Does the company name have a meaning? 

  • Our company name is ‘Teasenz’. The second part of the name ‘senz’ is derived from a combination of the words ‘sense’ and ‘zen’. Our brand represents tea as a lifestyle. 

Do you participate in any charities?  

  • No, we currently don’t.

What is your favorite tea?  

  • I always let my mood decide. And it’s likely very weather/season related as well. I love to drink dark oolong teas such as Da Hong Pao and ripe pu erh tea in the Winter season. In Spring/Summer, I love to drink light green teas such as Huang Shan Mao Feng and Anji Bai. 

What are your thoughts on transparency in the tea industry? 

  • Transparency is important, especially for specialty tea. On our website, we disclose information such as the origin (region/province) as well as the year and season of the harvest. Then you have the fair trade aspect, which is less relevant for the Chinese tea industry, as tea pickers are fairly well paid due to labor shortages in the countryside in China. Yet, being transparent can sometimes be misused. In the end, we believe tea is all about trust. And we believe trust can only be earned through hard work and excellent execution. This starts from sourcing, selection, and curation of our teas to warehouse/inventory management and international logistics. The tea supply chain is complex and managing all facets of an international tea business is challenging. We, therefore, like to emphasize internally that we are a supply chain company, instead of a tea company.

What role does tea play in our lives? 

  • I think this depends on the individual. All employees at Teasenz love tea, and we love it so much it can be considered part of a lifestyle. But we also know that our teas aren’t for everyone, and that’s fine. We rather serve a small community of tea lovers who are truly excited about our teas.

Social Media: (just let me know which ones you have and I can grab the links)

Anything else you’d like to add?

  • We often offer free products, currently, those are:

Ceramic Snail Tea Pet for Orders over 100 USD / 90 EUR

Leaf-shaped tea infuser strainer for orders over 50 USD/45 EUR

Which do you prefer, less smoke or smokier?

TeaTiff Picks: Lapsang Souchong. When you drink tea, you are consuming history. This tea has a history dating back to the Qing Dynasty when townsfolk fled their homes but didn’t want to leave their crop behind so they quickly smoked it. In doing so they produced the first black tea. This smokey is actually not consumed in China as a smoked tea these days but is instead expertly smoked so that the leaves do not retain the campfire smoke aroma & flavor. The smoky teas are exported out of China. I generally do not like drinking the smoky version but it is a wonderful cooking companion. However, this tea is akin to what the Chinese drink today. It has subtle woody and chocolate notes.

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