Pronunciation: tee·guh·shwend·nr.

The first TeeGschwendner opened in Germany in 1976 and has expanded across the globe. They feature a wide assortment of tea and tisanes for all palates. They have many shops located in Europe but ship worldwide. Grab a cuppa and read on about this family owned business.

Website: https://www.teegschwendner.de/

Headquarter Location: Meckenheim, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany 

Company Focus:

  • “Even though the name is admittedly a bit tricky to pronounce, each day more and more people around the world are becoming fans of TeaGschwendner.  They are drawn by an appreciation for tea – a love for the product that finds its way into the heart of new and experienced tea drinkers alike.  And here there can be no language barrier, no borders. There is simply joy. “

Most popular company tea(s): Best Sellers

Does the company name have a meaning?

  • “What once began with a passion of Albert Gschwendner is now a whole world of experiences around tea. Via franchise, the small tea shop in Trier became the market leader in specialist tea retailing – thanks to the extraordinary founder Albert Gschwendner.” – TeeGschwendner website

Do you participate in any charities?

  • Social Responsibility
  • “Since the company was founded, responsible action in the interests of people and nature has been an existential part of the corporate culture. For us, this action has become a basic attitude in order to reconcile moral values ​​with entrepreneurial action.”

What is your (or any of your other co-workers) favorite tea? 

  • This question is naturally difficult as there are so many varieties

What are your thoughts on transparency in the tea industry?

  • Transparency is very important, not only in the tea industry, but in all industries. For TeaGschwendner, fair trade and organically grown tea have been of special importance from the very beginning. By purchasing directly from growers, we are able to continue offering our customers the quality, safety and expertise they have come to value at fair prices. Our customers can be sure that each gram of our tea is worth its price!
  • From the website: “Since Albert Gschwendner founded the company, acting responsibly towards humans and nature is an existential part of the company’s culture. Being sustainable has become our fundamental attitude to combine entrepreneurial actions with moral values. Our history shows the constant development from a traditional tea trade to a value-oriented tea trading company with complex business ideas / -fields and a huge diversity of cooperation partners.” Sustainability

Page 24: “The big auctions in Kolkata, Mombasa, Cochin, Colombo, and Djakarta are not of interest for TeaGschwendner. Over the years, TeaGschwendner and its tea tasters have established direct contact to the tea farmers, the managers and owners of the tea gardens in the countries of origin. The personal contact, the exchange and the joint definition of quality are of primary importance. This also accounts for our excellent, incomparable organic herbal assortment that we purchase from sustainable cultivating farmers e.g. Austria and East Europe. Long-term friendships with top organic farmers for Rooibos in South Africa assure reliable, clean, and healthy products. We take great efforts to assure high quality in our whole assortment.”

What role does tea play in our lives?

  • For us, tea is the most wonderful drink in the world! Tea means pleasure, great taste, and fascinating diversity and is grown and manufactured with great passion. Tea is a wonderfully pleasant and healthy natural product that is being drunk by people all over the world and always will be.

Social Media:

New Zealong Black

TeaTiff Picks: New Zealong Black. Did you know that New Zealand has their own tea farms? Yeah, neither did I. So when I saw this on their website I jumped at the chance to give it a try. The flavor is reminiscent of sweet potato, malt, and honey.

Japan Gyokuro Kukicha & Windy City Blend

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