Rakkasan Tea Company

The year was 2017. A certain company appeared on Kickstarter. Out of curiosity I decided to back it. After receiving my tea pledge I immediately became a fan. My dad is a Navy Vet so being able to support a company like this is extra special to me. They source truly special teas from amazingContinue reading “Rakkasan Tea Company”

New Mexico Tea Company

Need a new tea in your life? These guys probably have something to fit your palate. They have a huge selection of teas and tisanes. If you can’t decide what to choose they have a nice sized selection of Tea Collections for great prices and for all tastes.  Website: https://www.nmteaco.com/ Location: Albuquerque, NM. Online and in theseContinue reading “New Mexico Tea Company”

Tea Runners

Subscription based boxes are a big hit. You can get them for just about anything you can think of. There are many subscription based companies out there for tea but not all cater to quality. Tea Runners was the first subscription based tea company I tried because they offer a box for purists. They alsoContinue reading “Tea Runners”

Simpson & Vail

Elegance, tradition, acclaim. Not many companies can survive for over 100 years. Though if one was to be technical, the true 100 year anniversary won’t be till 2029 but I am sure that Augustus M. Walbridge would appreciate the remembrance of the original company. Afterall building a brand isn’t easy, especially one with refinement andContinue reading “Simpson & Vail”

52 Teas

Oh, Canada! Hockey, maple syrup, poutine! Canada is an awesome country, full of awesome people, with great companies like 52 Teas! Located in Vancouver, this company is incredibly unique. There are tons of tea companies out there but this is the only one I know of that does a new tea every week. They featureContinue reading “52 Teas”