Xin Chào! Our first Vietnamese company is located in the bustling metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City. Besides being a popular tourist destination with amazing food they also have great tea. Hatvala brings teas to us from small farms with unique names. Website: https://hatvala.com/Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Online and in their retail store.CompanyContinue reading “Hatvala”


If Teavana were still alive today this would be the company to rival them. They host a wide array of tea. Perfect for beginners and experienced sippers. If you are looking to up your tea game or don’t know where to start this is a great company to start with.  Website: https://www.adagio.com/ Location:  Clifton, NJ. Headquarters.Continue reading “Adagio”

Special Teas Inc

Website: http://www.specialtea.com/ Location: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada Company Focus:  Good quality tea at an affordable price and the blending of teas Most popular company tea(s)?  Hands down our Creamy Earl Grey, it’s so smooth and vanilla makes a perfect London Fog Does the company name have a meaning?  Our specialty is Special Teas Do you participate in any charities? NotContinue reading “Special Teas Inc”

CuppaGeek Teas

My first encounter with Nichole wasn’t through the CGT but with SororiTea Sisters. After becoming a sister I then learned about her bold and amazing tea blends. She is a hard working mom and tea lover. With each blend you try you can really tell she puts effort into tasty blends. Website: http://www.cuppageekteas.com Location:  EastContinue reading “CuppaGeek Teas”

Camellia Sinensis

Canadian based Camellia Sinensis is the perfect place to discover the main six types of tea. They will take you on a tantalizing taste bud journey. Though this company has been around since 1997, I didn’t discover them until a few years ago when they won best tea shop award in 2018. They also haveContinue reading “Camellia Sinensis”

Love Some Tea

Thailand is known for its stunning beaches, delicious food, and (though not as well known) tea. Most of the tea that comes from Thailand is produced in the north. Our first Thailand company sources only Thailand teas that comes from the tribes of Lahu, Lan Na, and Karen. They hand harvest the teas and useContinue reading “Love Some Tea”

Rare Tea Company

Tea shops and enthusiasts are located around the world. Some take their enthusiasm and make it into an amazing company. Henrietta Lovell, in particular, lives in London and created a company that is not only known world wide but is renown for their superb tea that is sourced directly from rare tea farms around theContinue reading “Rare Tea Company”


This is a company you may see in many stores. Grocery, natural, souvenir stores, Rishi has certainly found their foothold. And they do a good job by making sure to source through direct trade which you can read more about below. They declined to answer personally so the answers below I’ve put together the bestContinue reading “Rishi”


こんにちは! The Japanese culture is amazing. They make amazing anime, sushi, and one of my very favorite things, matcha. Yunomi is an amazing company that you will drool over. Every time I visit their website I get so excited by the different teas and teaware I find. The best part is by supporting Yunomi youContinue reading “Yunomi”