Casting Whimsy Tea

What happens when a wizard, satyr, human, and a gnome sit down for a cup of tea? Depends on how they roll their charisma I’d say. Or maybe their perception depending on the place they are drinking the tea. If you love a bit of role play with your cuppa you’ve come to the rightContinue reading “Casting Whimsy Tea”

Matcha Organic Japan Co., Ltd

Matcha brand and cafe Name: Matcha More Location(s) Headquarters : 1474-2 Minari Shimada-shi Shizuoka JAPAN Matcha Organic Japan Website: Matcha Live Website: Social Media: (MOJ left & MatchaLives right) Company Focus: Sustain Local tea farm business by cultivate a High quality Organic Matcha.  Most popular company tea(s)? We are new company started in 2016 andContinue reading “Matcha Organic Japan Co., Ltd”


Have you ever thought to yourself wouldn’t it be cool if I could try to mix X + Y and see how it would taste? That is the magic of BlendBee! If you love to mix and match make sure to give these guys a test of your abilities. And don’t worry, they have plentyContinue reading “BlendBee”

Mind over Matcha

Matcha is simple yet complex. You can brew it simply just by shaking it in a bottle or ceremonially with proper Japanese gear. Mind over Matcha makes it easy to do either. Their website is straightforward yet calming. If you haven’t yet started your matcha journey this is a great place to begin! Website: Location:Continue reading “Mind over Matcha”