Have you ever thought to yourself wouldn’t it be cool if I could try to mix X + Y and see how it would taste? That is the magic of BlendBee! If you love to mix and match make sure to give these guys a test of your abilities. And don’t worry, they have plentyContinue reading “BlendBee”

Mind over Matcha

Matcha is simple yet complex. You can brew it simply just by shaking it in a bottle or ceremonially with proper Japanese gear. Mind over Matcha makes it easy to do either. Their website is straightforward yet calming. If you haven’t yet started your matcha journey this is a great place to begin! Website: Location:Continue reading “Mind over Matcha”

Fava Tea Company

Family owned Fava teas has been in business since 2007. They are the largest locally-owned independent loose leaf tea presence in Wisconsin. They have great prices and awesome flavors. They can even help you find a tea to match your mood! Website: Location: Wisconsin based with three brick and mortar stores (Appleton, Brookfield & Greenfield)Continue reading “Fava Tea Company”


Our first UK company! Located in the ever famous university town, PureChimp (no space) is perfect for people who need caffeine without the drop.  They have a wonderful assortment of matcha. Whether you are new to matcha or an experienced matcha drinker you will find something that suits your tastes. They even have caffeine freeContinue reading “PureChimp”


If Teavana were still alive today this would be the company to rival them. They host a wide array of tea. Perfect for beginners and experienced sippers. If you are looking to up your tea game or don’t know where to start this is a great company to start with.  Website: Location:  Clifton, NJ. Headquarters.Continue reading “Adagio”


Website: Location: Uji, Japan. Online Only. Company Focus: We stand with our name for superior category green tea which is obtained directly from trusted tea farmers only in Uji, directly from Japan. The tea is solely produced by conventional harvesting and traditional processing methods. No middleman, no extra costs for you. All of ourContinue reading “TOBI-EN”

Japanese Green Tea Co.

緑茶 Green Tea. Many companies offer green tea but not many of them produce the exceptional quality. My introduction with this company happened through the 2020 Online International Tea Festival. Their wealth of knowledge was incredible to hear and I fell in love with their company even more when I visited their website. I hopeContinue reading “Japanese Green Tea Co.”

Rare Tea Company

Tea shops and enthusiasts are located around the world. Some take their enthusiasm and make it into an amazing company. Henrietta Lovell, in particular, lives in London and created a company that is not only known world wide but is renown for their superb tea that is sourced directly from rare tea farms around theContinue reading “Rare Tea Company”

Rishi Tea & Botanicals

This is a company you may see in many stores. Grocery, natural, souvenir stores, Rishi has certainly found their foothold. And they do a good job by making sure to source through direct trade which you can read more about below. They declined to answer personally so the answers below I’ve put together the bestContinue reading “Rishi Tea & Botanicals”