Cup of Communitea

When the pandemic hit in 2020 it left many businesses wondering and worrying. After only a few weeks of being open Cup of Communitea had to close their business doors. Through the year many learned that online orders would be become their main source of income and Ms. Duquette took it a step further, doing FBContinue reading “Cup of Communitea”

The Tea Crane

On my quest to learn more about tea I came across a Free Matcha Mini course. This lead me to the Tea Crane website. Immediately I wished I was in Japan so I could visit the shop and have a real tea session with Sosen-san. His expertise, smile, and products are all amazing. Website: Location:Continue reading “The Tea Crane”

The Great Mississippi Tea Company

Did you know that tea is grown in the USA? It’s a fairly new concept compared with other tea-growing regions (like China) and has its own unique challenges. However, the scientific minds of Jason and Timothy went to great lengths to construct their tea farm and make it into one of the top-selling farms (inContinue reading “The Great Mississippi Tea Company”