Zen Tea Traders

Life has a way of making us slow down. Cultures around the world have or are learning to embrace a practice, in some form or another, of calm. Anthony Capobianco entered the corporate world in his early twenties and became an executive mortgage banker. Like many of his peers, he found himself stressed out. He gravitated towards tea as a way to slow down. This zen activity helped formed the building blocks of this company. Thank you, again, Mr. Capobianco for the idea of an over-the-phone interview. It was a pleasure to speak with you!

Website: https://zenteatraders.com/

Location(s) Headquarters: Austin, TX, USA.

Company Focus:

  • Bring full leaf tea to the consumers, restaurants, hotels, coffee bars, etc, and to help people step up their tea game. Our goal is to give people an experience with tea.

Most popular company tea(s)?

Does the company name have a meaning?

  • The name came from three different sources. Tea because that’s our product, Zen stems from my martial arts background. The word Zen kept showing up throughout my life and part of the mission is to help people to learn to Zen where they are at. Lastly, traders came from my uncle because he like the word. The brand is me, Anthony Capobianco.

Do you participate in any charities?

  • Not currently with Zen Tea Traders.

What is your favorite tea?  

  • Sencha. In a sencha mood.

What are your thoughts on transparency in the tea industry?

  • At the end of the day people want to sell tea. It is what it is but I want more for my company. I know all my farmers on first name basis. Zen Tea Traders should provide a warm and fuzzy feeling, unlike some of the bigger brands out there.

What role does tea play in our lives?

  • It’s a beverage that brings people together. World leaders do business over tea. It helps you slow down, be with self, and enjoy the moment. It will provide you with a clean burning energy that not only is good for you but doesn’t have a drop.

Social Media: Steepster

Koei Matcha

TeaTiff Picks: Koei Matcha. Will add a review here when I eventually taste it but if you are looking for a suggestion, try this or the Sun Moon Lake.

 To provide an artisan tea experience that captures all the senses.

– Anthony capobianco

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