You never know what you will discover with Facebook ads. Mine are full of tea. And this is how I was introduced to Sorate. Their website has a clean and urban feeling to it. Being a big fan of matcha I was drawn to their beautiful pictures and immediately loved that they put their farmers first.


Location(s) : New York. Tea comes from Uji, Japan

Company Focus: 

  • Japanese Matcha and Green Tea.
  • Sorate’s mission is to provide the world with the perfect harmony of science-based wellness practices and traditional Japanese plant-based medicine to enrich the body, mind, and spirit. In Japan, green tea is part of a ritual experience centered around meditation—a state of mindful consciousness and tranquility; at Sorate we focus on that experience that complements the well-known health benefits of green tea. Our passion for tea is founded within health and wellness.

Most popular company tea(s)? 

Does the company name have a meaning? 

  • Sorate is a slang popular in the Veneto region of Italy, meaning “calm down” or “cool off”, while “Sora” in Japanese means “Sky”. The logo is half a perfect circle in honor of Giotto, Leonardo Da Vinci and the light of the Roman Pantheon, the other half refers to the Japanese zen circle, Enso.

Do you participate in any charities?  

  • We have donated part of our profits to The Who (World Health Organization) to help research on COVID19.

What is your (or any of your other co-workers’) favorite tea?

What are your thoughts on transparency in the tea industry?

  • We share with our customers all information about where our tea comes from, such as elevation, cultivar, processing methods used, etc. Sorate teas and matcha are sourced from a family owned farm of Sencha Tea inventor, Nagatani Soen, in the Uji region of Kyoto Japan. A haven of lush vegetation encapsulated by green rolling hills, Ujitawara offers the most optimal nutrient rich soil for cultivating the highest grade of Japanese green tea.

Social Media:

Anything else you’d like to add? 

  • Sorate is a subscription based brand with different option for monthly boxes and accessories. 

TeaTiff Picks: TEASERS BUNDLE. Why try one when you can try a few? When trying out a new company I generally prefer to try out smaller amounts first. Enough to give it a few sessions but not the usually 1 – 2 ozs because it takes me forever to get through that much tea. This bundle comes with seriously cute and functional tins. If you enjoy matcha pure, you will enjoy their super premium offering.

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