Have you ever thought to yourself wouldn’t it be cool if I could try to mix X + Y and see how it would taste? That is the magic of BlendBee! If you love to mix and match make sure to give these guys a test of your abilities. And don’t worry, they have plenty of premade blends for those who lack blending wizardry.



  • Sierra Mountains, Nevada, we don’t currently have a physical location to purchase the tea. We have a 2,000 ft² commercial kitchen in the Sierras where we design, handcraft, package and ship every blend to order.

Company Focus: 

  • Creating custom loose leaf tea blends using the highest quality ingredients sourced from small organic fair-trade farms worldwide.

Social Media:  

Most popular company tea(s)? 

  • Custom Tea Blending This is where you are able to design your own perfect tea blend. You get to select your ingredients, name your blend and add a description. The label is personalized exactly as you want it. Each blend is then curated by our tea master. Your recipe is kept on file so you’re able to reorder your blend in the future. This is a great tool if you have very specific dietary needs, allergies, or just want to make a fun personalized gift for yourself or someone else.

Does the company name have a meaning?

  • BlendBee was born from blending ingredients that are sourced in nature and pollinated by our beautiful bees.

Do you participate in any charities?

  • Pollinator Partnership’s mission is to promote the health of pollinators, critical to food and ecosystems, through conservation, education, and research.
  • Zawadisha provides small loans to rural Kenyan women to help finance their livelihoods.

What is your (or any of your other co-workers’) favorite tea?

  • Hot brewed: Holy Chai is my all time favorite chai blend, we add in the Holy Tulsi Trinity, which I know to be one of the most medicinal herbs grown on the planet. Pair that with organic toasted maté, also a nutritional powerhouse, and traditional chai spices. It is upgraded chai for sure.
  • Cold-brewed: I am obsessed with the blend Crimson Kiss, which surprisingly tastes like the Starbucks Passion Tea, but without all the sugars and fillers. We use only 5 organic ingredients to create this fruity, bright and refreshing blend. It’s addictive.

What are your thoughts on transparency in the tea industry?

  • We feel we could really open up the discussion more about the microplastics in all bagged tea. We only sell loose leaf tea, because we still haven’t found a tea bagging manufacturer that doesn’t use microplastics. We brew tea in near to boiling water, which means with every cup you’re ingesting plastics when you steep bagged tea. Currently, loose leaf is the healthiest way to go.

What role does tea play in our lives?

  • Tea is the second most consumed beverage second to water in the world. It is used in ceremonies, it is used to calm you and also give you energy. Tea plays a role in your overall health, physically and emotionally. Tea brings people together. It is the best feeling to cozy up with a hot cup of soothing tea at night. Tea is love.

Anything else you’d like to add?

  • BlendBee is 100% woman owned, born from the love of brewing and creating delicious and nutritional blends. Jamah Dacus, started BlendBee in 2014 with the idea to allow people to design their own perfect tea blends. Integrity and quality has been in the forefront of this business. Every tea blend is still handcrafted to order, whether it’s a custom or a premade blend from the website. We now also create tea for over ten budding tea companies. Jamah is a master blender, and creates perfect blends at the retail and wholesale level and also has a pretty sassy sense of humor and launched her grassroots brand ModestMix Teas, which is full of cheekiness and empowerment geared towards adults.

TeaTiff Picks: On My Turms. Golden Milk lattes are the caffeine free version of matcha lattes. This is packed full of herbal powders bound to awaken your immune system and your palate. How to make: Add 1 tsp (full strength or 1/2 tsp for less spicy) of powder to 1/8 cup hot water. Mix well. Stir in 1/4 tsp of honey. Warm up 6 – 8 oz of milk. Froth milk if desired. Add milk to the mix and stir well.

Bliss Herbal Blend & Coco Blue Green Tea

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