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Baltimore is a sprawling city with a great aquarium. Among their other wonderful facets is a zesty (get it now?) company that features a handful of good for your health tea blends as well as Sparkling Teas and CBD tea. They have a spunky website that is pure eye candy. 


Location: Baltimore, MD. Online and in these stores

Company Focus:

  • We’re on a mission to provide the healthiest functional products to our customers so that they can live more productive and fulfilling lives.

Social Media:

Most popular company tea(s)?

Does the company name have a meaning?

  • It’s a play on words, tea with a kick.

Do you participate in any charities?

What is your (or any of your other co-workers) favorite tea?

  • Hard to choose. Most of us tend to cycle through different flavors. Right now I (Cou) am mostly drinking Spicy Masala Chai, Earl Grey, and Blue Lady.

What are your thoughts on transparency in the tea industry?

  • A big part of our company culture is to make functional products that simply work. No empty promises. Our products only have the best ingredients, and it’s important for us that we keep it that way because building this type of trust with our customers is what has allowed us to grow the way we did. As a result we tend to be pretty candid in the way we respond to customer questions.

What role does tea play in our lives

  • There’s a tea for every occasion. Our teas are for long lasting energy and focus.

TeaTiff Picks: Spicy Masala Chai. Everyone loves chai but personally I only like it spicy. A good kick in the mouth! Like watching the Haka, excitement in your mouth. Though I generally don’t like buying tea off of Amazon they also have samples available if you would like to try them first before buying a bigger pouch. Tea Variety Pack.

Blue Lady & Superberry Samba

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