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Elegance, tradition, acclaim. Not many companies can survive for over 100 years. Though if one was to be technical, the true 100 year anniversary won’t be till 2029 but I am sure that Augustus M. Walbridge would appreciate the remembrance of the original company. Afterall building a brand isn’t easy, especially one with refinement and flair like Simpson & Vail. They have a huge assortment of teas and tisanes and I am sure you will find something you will enjoy!



  • Our warehouse location is in Brookfield, CT and we ship worldwide. (Our retail location remains closed until further notice). Online Only

Company Focus: 

  • By way of introduction, Simpson & Vail is the 2nd oldest tea company in the US. We are family owned and blend small batches, in house, to ensure freshness. Currently we offer over 380 teas, a large assortment of tea accessories, a line of 100+ herbal tisanes, over 80 types of coffee, and a plethora of specialty gourmet food products. Our philosophy is to supply, inform, and satisfy the consumer with the best and most environmentally conscious products available. 

Most popular company tea(s)?

  • I’m going to stick to our custom blends, but we do have a variety of “plain” black, green, white, oolong, and herbal teas. Victorian Earl Grey, Jane Austen’s Black Tea Blend, Almond Sugar Cookie, Great Smoky Mountains Tea, Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble Rooibos, and Winter Wonderland Rooibos. 

Does the company name have a meaning? 

  • Simpson & Vail was originally founded as a green coffee merchant in 1904 by Augustus M. Walbridge and named after him. In 1929, Mr. Walbridge sold the business to Mr. Simpson, the accountant, and Mr. Lester Vail, the tea taster. They incorporated the business in their name. In the late 1970s, the Harron family (the current family that owns it), purchased the business and considered re-naming. They ultimately decided against it because they wanted to keep the legacy of Simpson & Vail alive. 

Do you participate in any charities?

  • Yes, we pride ourselves on giving back to our community. This year alone we have been able to make donations to Feeding America, World Central Kitchen, local hospitals, and many more. We are heavily involved with certain national park non-profits and donate 10% from our National Park Tea Collection back to the parks. Here’s a more in depth list of our donations:

What is your (or any of your other co-workers) favorite tea? 

  • Oh my goodness there are too many to decide! Currently, I have been drinking our Special Blend Coffee in the morning, switching between our Mary Shelley Green Tea and Yellowstone Tea during the day, and ending the night with the caffeine free Zion Tea. I know a few crowd favorites among the S&V team are Colombia Andean Princess Black Tea, Citrus Paradisi, Caramel Walnut Shortbread Rooibos, Maya Angelou’s Blend, and a variety of our Assam teas. 

What are your thoughts on transparency in the tea industry? 

  • Like most tea companies, we try to offer as much transparency as possible and will always answer honestly to any questions our customers have about products. Before we purchase teas we try to gather as much information as possible on the estate, growing practices, picking times, etc. so we can pass that information on to our customers. 

What role does tea play in our lives? 

  • Tea plays a huge role in our daily lives, not only in the US, but across the world. I’ve heard so many stories from customers about why tea is important to them and they are all so very unique. Ultimately, I think tea is so comforting because it connects us to others. Whether it is a family member or someone across the world, tea provides that feeling of connection to others. This was a crucial role during quarantine and the current Covid-19 pandemic. The amount of tea gifts being sent increased and I was so thrilled to see all the “virtual” tea parties or tea events our customers we’re apart of. 

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This is a summer and autumn picked tea. Though most highly prized teas are picked in the spring those picked at other times are not to be overlooked!

TeaTiff Picks: Vietnam Red Oolong – Kim Tuyen. I love black tea with wet wood notes. It also has unique honey tones in the aftertaste as mineral notes that get stronger as you brew more sessions. This is perfect for people who like to get the most bang for their buck because you can get at least seven sessions if using the gong fu method.

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