Thés Guru (Tguru)

Located on Beaubien Street East, north of downtown Montreal is Oishi Matcha Bar. They offer an assortment of matcha preparations including grilled ice cream! But this shop is just the tip of the iceberg of an amazing tea company. Website: Location(s) Headquarters:  Montreal, QC, Canada Company Focus: “Thés Guru is the official trademark of SalonContinue reading “Thés Guru (Tguru)”


Xin Chào! Our first Vietnamese company is located in the bustling metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City. Besides being a popular tourist destination with amazing food they also have great tea. Hatvala brings teas to us from small farms with unique names. Website: Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Online and in their retailContinue reading “Hatvala”


こんにちは! The Japanese culture is amazing. They make amazing anime, sushi, and one of my very favorite things, matcha. Yunomi is an amazing company that you will drool over. Every time I visit their website I get so excited by the different teas and teaware I find. The best part is by supporting Yunomi youContinue reading “Yunomi”

Rakkasan Tea Company

The year was 2017. A certain company appeared on Kickstarter. Out of curiosity I decided to back it. After receiving my tea pledge I immediately became a fan. My dad is a Navy Vet so being able to support a company like this is extra special to me. They source truly special teas from amazingContinue reading “Rakkasan Tea Company”