Bellasia Tea

TeaTiff met Mercedes at the 2020 October Online Tea Festival. Having two kids and knowing that the tea world is severely lacking in kids tea I immediately bought some tins. I quickly found that this company is more than tea for kids. This is the birth of a new and wonderful kids story. I trulyContinue reading “Bellasia Tea”


If Teavana were still alive today this would be the company to rival them. They host a wide array of tea. Perfect for beginners and experienced sippers. If you are looking to up your tea game or don’t know where to start this is a great company to start with.  Website: Location:  Clifton, NJ. Headquarters.Continue reading “Adagio”

Special Teas Inc

Website: Location: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada Company Focus:  Good quality tea at an affordable price and the blending of teas Most popular company tea(s)?  Hands down our Creamy Earl Grey, it’s so smooth and vanilla makes a perfect London Fog Does the company name have a meaning?  Our specialty is Special Teas Do you participate in any charities? NotContinue reading “Special Teas Inc”

CuppaGeek Teas

My first encounter with Nichole wasn’t through CGT but with SororiTea Sisters. After becoming a sister I then learned about her bold and amazing tea blends. She is a hard-working mom and tea lover. With each blend, you try you can really tell she puts effort into tasty blends. Website: Location:  East Peoria, IL.Continue reading “CuppaGeek Teas”

Zest Tea

Baltimore is a sprawling city with a great aquarium. Among their other wonderful facets is a zesty (get it now?) company that features a handful of good for your health tea blends as well as Sparkling Teas and CBD tea. They have a spunky website that is pure eye candy.  Website: Location: Baltimore, MD. OnlineContinue reading “Zest Tea”