Tea Shop: Tea Wreaths

Welcome to TeaTiff’s first Art + Tea event!

Coming soon: Advent wreaths!

Featured Tea Companies: 3 Leaf, Akova, Japanese Green Tea Co, Yunomi, Rakkasan, teakruthi, Brooke Birch Tea Shoppe, Tease Tea, and Verdant Tea!

Five different wreaths to choose from

Each wreath has a different amount of tea and companies

– Only 34 available

– Every order comes with a special gift –

Tea Wreath Menu

Ultimate Wreath
Wreath with all nine companies and eleven different teas.

Almost Ultimate Wreath
Wreath with eight companies and ten different teas.

Middle Wreath
Wreath with seven companies and nine different teas.

Middle Wreath

Leftovers Wreath
Wreath with two companies and three different teas.

Leftovers Wreath

Penultimate Wreath
Wreath with three companies and four different teas.

Penultimate Wreath

Each Wreath comes with a fancy wooden decoration!

3 Leaf Tea
Brooke Birch Tea Shoppe
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