The Denman Island Tea Company

About a four hour drive plus a ferry ride away from Vancouver, Canada is where you will find the amazing tea shop of Denman Island Tea Company. I was introduced to this company back in 2017 when they were known as The Tea Guy. Loved the depth of detail he gave on his teas andContinue reading “The Denman Island Tea Company”

Casting Whimsy Tea

What happens when a wizard, satyr, human, and a gnome sit down for a cup of tea? Depends on how they roll their charisma I’d say. Or maybe their perception depending on the place they are drinking the tea. If you love a bit of role play with your cuppa you’ve come to the rightContinue reading “Casting Whimsy Tea”


Metal music is a genre that is vastly underappreciated. While many are turned off from the “screaming”, they are missing out on some seriously amazing beats. But then we take some amazing music and mix it with tea? Heck yes!! Also, if you are a dad or like puns or both you’ll love the teaContinue reading “BrutaliTeas”

Renegade Tea Estate

Located between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, is our first tea company from the country of Georgia! With the help of amazing companies we will see some amazing teas come from this country. Thank you, Renegade Tea Estate, for being a company that stands for the people and heading such an amazing project.Continue reading “Renegade Tea Estate”

Happy Turtle Tea

Tea is happiness. Tea with connections to your favorite fandom? Exuberance! HTT has something for every palate. Being a fan of Marvel, DC, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and so on, I love seeing another fan use our love of all things geek and tea to fuse them together to create something unique. DoContinue reading “Happy Turtle Tea”

Verdant Tea

How often do you think about sustainability? What does it mean to you? Until I discovered Verdant Tea a few years ago, sustainability was just a nice word you expected a company to uphold but not necessarily talk about. What I’ve learned through Verdant Tea is that one does not just talk about sustainability, theyContinue reading “Verdant Tea”


Around the world, many people study chakra and how it affects our well-being. To go along with your studies and meditations, Kure tea has created seven wonderous blends. Each will open a unique pathway and connect in a way you weren’t able to before. Website: Location Headquarters : Costa Mesa, CA Company Focus: Healing through natureContinue reading “KureTea”