Advent Tea Wreaths

Enjoy teas from companies around the world. Each wreath is unique and handmade.

What’s Included:

  • 12 Different Teas from 9 unique companies
  • 1 Wooden Tea magnet tchotchke (Only the tea bag is available now)
  • Handmade vine wreath you can reuse
  • A tea guide

Ebony and Ivory

A tribute to two amazing musical artists


Unicorns, and rainbows, and tea, Oh my!

Tea tastes better when you have a pet uniduck to sip along with you!


Lavender Snowflakes

When you mix purple and blue perfectly you get lavender. And there is nothing quite like a sun setting over a blooming lavender field with a crisp frost on top.


Red Star of the North

Plaid, burlap, and royal reds. A little bit of everything mixes to create a unique wreath you can use for many seasons.


Ocean of Blues

This wreath is not only filled with fantastic tea but also a calm wrap of blue. This radiant blue wreath is designed to elicit feelings of happiness and relaxation while you take off the teas one day at a time.


Pink, Pink, and Red.

This was made for simplicity. Those people who like to keep it simple but also love pinks and reds


Autumn, My Love!

Ah! Warm days, cool nights, changing leaf colors, and tea.


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