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Generally, when I see a company that plays with coffee also offers tea I don’t expect much from their tea. Hillside is an exception. They currently have five extraordinary teas in their catalog all of which I am very enthusiastic to try. Also, for those of you who prefer companies that buy sustainability, you will enjoy reading the background on each individual tea page.

Website: https://www.hillsidetea.com (The website is currently under renovation) But please do visit their store front!

Location Headquarters: Duluth, MN, USA. With a cafe, coffee roastery, and tearoom located in Downtown.

Company Focus: Love & Kindness

Most popular company tea(s)?

  • Alfredo Lin – Mingjian, Nantou, Taiwan – Ruby #18 – White Tea

Does the company name have a meaning?

  • Hillside represents where tea is grown and where we live, on a hillside in Duluth on the shores of Lake Superior. 

Do you participate in any charities? 

  • Not at this time.

What is your favorite tea?  

  • I know this answer is not beloved by questioners but I do not have favorites. 

What are your thoughts on transparency in the tea industry?

  • Transparency in the tea industry is something I’m still learning about. It reminds me of sustainability. The word is only as good as the person using it and only goes as deep as the care that person has for tea (life) in their heart. 
  • – From the website “By providing important details about who grows the tea and where those people live, along with the process they have crafted to create vitality in their lives, we hope to encourage a deeper appreciation for the human experience.”

What role does tea play in our lives?

  • Tea plays many roles in life. Energy. Balance. Awareness. Currency. Peace. Calm. Expression.

Anything else you would like to add?

  • We work with Tealet and Spirit Teas to source our offerings. We couldn’t share tea with our friends in Duluth without those two companies creating strong avenues to acquire high-quality offerings and a diversity of origin and process-specific teas.

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Honey & Bark

TeaTiff Picks: Chen Zhen Jia. For many people around the world, black tea is part of their daily life. But when you put milk and/or sugar in your tea you miss some of the finer notes. This black tea is one of those that I hope you will never put anything in. You can read my tasting note here on Steepster. I also had the privilege of trying their matcha and if you are a matcha aficionado you need to add this to your list.

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