Waiting is a hard game…

When I first started this website I was almost inundated with companies answering my emails. It was hectic but also amazing. Spring arrived with the 2021 harvest and things slowed considerably. Now we are almost to 2022 and I’m rethinking things a bit. I still believe that the best posts (mostly) are the ones that the companies answer personally. It truly gives a human face to the company name and it’s always amazing to find out how they’ve come to fruition. However, now is the time to implement plan DIM (do it myself). I’ll fill out the info and if the companies anwser I’ll switch out their anwsers.

As always if there are any companies I don’t have on the list please do let me know and I will happily add them! Or better yet if you are a fan of said companies tell them to check out TeaTiff. Word of mouth is an amazing thing!

Starting tomorrow 11/19/2021. I’ll start adding companies myself. You’ll see the difference from the previous posts but hopefully the heart of TeaTiff (tea company discovery) will remain.

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