Are you ready?

There is good news and bad news ahead. Let’s begin with the badish newish. You may have noticed the amount of posts have decreased in the past few weeks. Due to the weather, farmers harvesting tea, and general summer business I haven’t sent out any interview requests and, unfortunately, haven’t received any back of the others sent out earlier. But don’t despair there will be more to come in the future.

Now for the good news! I’ve been working on something exciting exclusively for TeaTiff readers!!! If you’ve ever tried out a tea box and loved the concept I have something new coming at you that you are going to love!

While I am working on the final pieces and getting the site set up for selling here is a look at the companies you’ll get to try out:

3 Leaf Tea, Akova, Brooke Birch Tea, Japanese Green Tea Co, Rakkasan, Teakruthi, Tease Tea, and Yunomi.

I really want to spill everything right now because the excitement is palpable but soon my young Padawan’s. Soon it shall be. (Sorry it doesn’t actually have anything to do with Star Wars I just enjoy the series.)

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