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There are thousands of tea companies around the world and occasionally some share names. After sorting out which was which I put in an order for some of the Master Supreme Blend. (Review below). Thank you Chase for your kindness! His story is a great one that I suggest you all read and make sure you pass on to your coffee friends as well. Many Americans feel they need that caffeine boost but don’t realize the drop and possible sleeplessness attached to it. Come discover a new way to boost your alertness with this amazing company!


Location(s) Headquarters: Chicago, IL USA

Company Focus: 

  • Premium Japanese Matcha Tea

Most popular company tea(s)? 

Does the company name have a meaning? 

  • When Matcha Project began, our purpose was to share great matcha tea with matcha drinkers in the US. Our founder noted upon his return from Japan that most of the matcha available was bitter and not very good. Understanding that most of the premium matcha teas never left Japan, he made it his mission (or project, rather) to expose Americans to truly delicious matcha.
  • In time our name has come to represent more than just that. We have made it our mission (project) to do four things:
    1. We want to support the Japanese tea trade.
    2. We want to support the community in which we live.
    3. We want to support our matcha community.
    4. We want to do what we love.

This is our Matcha Project.

Do you participate in any charities?

  • Yes, we do. One of the key aims of our mission is to “support the community in which we live.” Accordingly, we have contributed to several charity/non-profits to date. 
  • In 2019, our founder volunteered his time over the period of 12 weeks teaching entrepreneurship principles and practices to a group of 4th and 5th grade aspiring entrepreneurs — sharing details of the Matcha Project upstart journey — via the Austin, Texas non-profit Start-Up Kids Club
  • Additionally, at the end of 2020, when we moved to Chicago, we knew that we wanted to do something to support this community. We identified the Greater Chicago Food Depository, which was in desperate need for resources, and donated our entire December proceeds in order to support food-insecurity needs in this community.
  • We will continue to impact our community as we move forward in 2021 and beyond.
  • Mission webpage

What is you and/or your co-workers’ favorite tea? 

  • Japanese teas are our favorite — shaded Japanese teas to be more specific: matcha, gyokuro, and kabusecha.

What are your thoughts on transparency in the tea industry?

  • We feel transparency is important. As tea lovers ourselves we want to know as much info about our tea as we can: where it comes from, when it was produced, who made it, etc. Having this information can really elevate and enhance the experience for us, the tea drinkers. It helps us to feel a connection with our tea.
  • Additionally, by knowing this information consumers can in theory more easily distinguish a likely good tea, great tea, and also something less desired, based solely on that information (& reputation.) 
  • Finally, transparency gives credit where credit is due. It can greatly reward the producers of exceptional tea and in turn create more of a demand for it. This in turn is better for the farmer/producer because they can in turn sell more of their tea (assuming they have the capacity) and continue their craft.

Everyone benefits from transparency.

What role does tea play in our lives?

  • Tea has the potential to be many different things for each of us: a source of energy, a source of meditation, a source of comfort,  a source of joy, a source of connection, a source of sharing, and much more. At a time where the world seems to spin faster and faster – we all could use a bit more tea in our lives.

Anything else you’d like to add?

  • Thank you TeaTiff for inviting us to share our story with you and your community! And thank you to your readers for their interest in learning more about Matcha Project! If your readers would like to try any of our matcha teas, they can use coupon code: TEATIFF for 10% off of their first purchase. Thanks for reading!

TeaTiff Picks: Master’s Supreme Blend. This is a blend that gives you a bit of everything. The dry aroma slightly reminds me of grated high quality parmesan. Deep umami notes in the wet aroma. The first touch is a bit tannic but this leads into strong umami and slight marine inklings.

Master’s Supreme Blend

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