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The company website seems to be shut down. If no one answers my inquiries within a week this post will be taken down.

What does tea mean to you? This question is so simple and yet it can evoke so many different feelings. The answers I receive from others, like the one below, gives one warm fuzzies. The desire to learn more and see how other people experience tea is so fascinating! Equally tempting is the tea and teaware offered by Tea Life HK.

Location: Hong Kong

Company Focus:

  • Chinese teas: I started off with Hong Kong roasted oolongs and Hong Kong traditional storage pu erh, but I really carry a pretty wide variety of stuff, including white, yellow and green teas, a fairly wide range of oolongs, and even some heicha and Chinese herbs!

Most popular company tea(s)? 

  • That’s a tough one: my favorite changes from day to day, and I drink a wide range of teas. I really like the Secret Village Maocha and hope to get some in 2021!

Does the company name have a meaning? 

  • I’m basically sharing my Tea Life here in Hong Kong! Some of the teas I sell were actually part of my personal stash in years gone by, and I store a lot of my tea myself. I even roast some tea. I really am sharing my tea life!

Do you participate in any charities?

  • Not at the moment, but I have previously donated to Amnesty International and a local AIDS charity. I’d like to be able to get more involved in environmental action because I’m horrified by what we’re doing to the planet and I’d like to be able to help in some way.

What is your (or any of your other co-workers’) favorite tea? 

  • At the moment I’m really enjoying younger sheng pu erhs for their complexity and vibrancy, as well as good Chinese red tea (what the world decided to take from China and call black tea instead)!

What are your thoughts on transparency in the tea industry? 

  • There are tremendous issues with transparency as far as labor rights in some of the largest tea producing countries, and this is something I am known to get worked up about. I’m very wary about teas from Indian estates. Since I’m from Hong Kong I won’t speak about China…

What role does tea play in our lives? 

  • Tea seamlessly integrates into so much of the globe’s people’s lives every day and it’s fascinating how widespread tea consumption is. The Chinese were the first tea drinkers and Chinese tea culture is definitely fascinating, but the way tea culture has evolved elsewhere in the world, such as in Korea, Morocco or Turkey, makes the world of tea something you can delve into for the rest of your life. There’s so much to learn, and tea is done so differently in different cultures and societies.

Social Media:

TeaTiff Picks: 2017 High Roast Dahongpao Brick. Da Hong Pao, also known as Big Red Robe, is one of my favorite oolongs. It is incredibly complex, like many teas, and yet has such simplicity in it’s mineral taste that it is hard to go wrong. I have yet to try it out in brick form but this has definitely been added to my list.

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