Happy Turtle Tea

Tea is happiness. Tea with connections to your favorite fandom? Exuberance! HTT has something for every palate. Being a fan of Marvel, DC, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and so on, I love seeing another fan use our love of all things geek and tea to fuse them together to create something unique. DoContinue reading “Happy Turtle Tea”

Verdant Tea

How often do you think about sustainability? What does it mean to you? Until I discovered Verdant Tea a few years ago, sustainability was just a nice word you expected a company to uphold but not necessarily talk about. What I’ve learned through Verdant Tea is that one does not just talk about sustainability, theyContinue reading “Verdant Tea”


Around the world many people study chakra and how it affects our well being. To go along with your studies and meditations, Kure tea has created seven wonderderous blends. Each will open a unique pathway and connect in a way you weren’t able to before. Website: https://kure-tea.com/ Location Headquarters : Costa Mesa, CA Company Focus: Healing throughContinue reading “KureTea”

Matcha Organic Japan Co., Ltd

Matcha brand and cafe Name: Matcha More Location(s) Headquarters : 1474-2 Minari Shimada-shi Shizuoka JAPAN Matcha Organic Japan Website: https://matchaorganicjapan.com/ Matcha Live Website: https://matchalives.com/ EC site: https://shop.matchaorganicjapan.com/ Social Media: (MOJ left & MatchaLives right) Company Focus: Sustain Local tea farm business by cultivate a High quality Organic Matcha.  Most popular company tea(s)? We are new company startedContinue reading “Matcha Organic Japan Co., Ltd”

TeeGschwendner / TeaGschwendner

Pronunciation: tee·guh·shwend·nr. The business world can be confusing. I encountered somewhat of a puzzle when I stepped into the business side of TeaGschwendner. The first TeeGschwendner opened in Germany and has expanded across the globe. They decided that franchising in the USA was too difficult for legal reasons. Ms. Agnieszka of Tea & Beyond LLC,Continue reading “TeeGschwendner / TeaGschwendner”

Camellia Tea Bar

In the hustle and bustle of this busy world it is important to remember to slow down and appreciate the things around you. The simplicity and beauty of the Camellia Tea Bar webpage is an example of this. As you browse around you find yourself slowing down to enjoy what you are looking at. ThisContinue reading “Camellia Tea Bar”